My sandals broke; and, after pushing a car uphill for about an hour, my shoes resemble chewing gum rather than footwear. (Don’t buy Quicksilver shoes.)

I am reminded of the advice Lt. Dan gives Forrest upon his arrival in Vietnam – always keep a clean pair of socks on you, it will save your life (or something like that). Now, I typically don’t wear socks with anything but formal wear, but the point is still relevant. Your feet are important appendages that rarely get the respect they deserve. I mean, they are literally walked on like surfs whenever we feel like it.

I am not a freedom fighter

I’m not suggesting we stage a coup d’état – I mean c’mon, it’s nice having them under us. But I do think they deserve proper working conditions. They deserve at the least fresh water; sunlight; a massage every now and then; and most importantly, good footwear.

True Story

I backpacked across Europe for 4 months in nothing but a pair of Sanok sandals. (Settle down ladies, I was wearing clothes too…  [Earmuffs Grandma] most of the time. *wink) I was originally going to mount them and sell them off when I become irrationally famous, but I just threw them out. Poor decision, they deserved better.

All joking aside, those $50 Sanuks put my more recent $20 Spring bargain section that I flirted with the sales girl and got them for $10 sandals to shame. In fact, every time I thought I was clever and saved money on shoes, I have later regretted it. Shoes are one of those items that you seem to get what you pay for.

So, the next time you Take Off, make sure you have proper footwear on. As for me, I need to go shopping.

Post Script

If you like laughing, check out this viral video from about 2005.You’ve probably seen it already, but it’s a classic.



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