New Directions

…no, this is not a post about Glee.  The title of this post is much more literal.

Since being in Malaysia, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between my frequency of posts and time spent here. [As time reaches infinity, posts = 0]

I could use work, lack of Internet or some other excuse as an… excuse, but it would just be an excuse. [A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault] However, I can reason that the syndromes source is simply that the novelty of living in a new country is wearing off. Since I started Takeofftodeh at the same time, I have unconsciously paired the two. As novelty declined, so has my literary inspiration.  [Disclaimer: I love living here for many reasons, except for missing driving, seasons and cheese] While there has been no end to the new & exciting experiences, I’ve found that writing about them has become less of an enjoyment and more of a chore.

The reason I chose to write about taking off in the first place is because I though it could be a niche I could write about regardless of what I was doing. And perhaps it is a legitimate niche, but right now it feels a little to… for lack of a better word, “fluffy.” I don’t feel like I’m contributing anything of value – there are plenty of other blogs which have a similar sentiment – and they do it much better than I.

So I turn to you, my readers, or what may be left of you! to identify some area of opportunity in which you feel that there is little subject matter about and that I may be able write something that you could sink your teeth in – 100% beef – no stuffed animals. Ultimately it will have to be my own discovery, but it’s good to ask for directions every once in a while.

As you ponder this request, I’ll leave you with a photo from my latest dive trip to Redang, Malaysia.



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2 responses to “New Directions

  1. AL

    Chris, I’d really like to hear about the people, the culture, what is going on with what you are there for, how it’s shaping you, nice meaty descriptions 🙂 no one else can tell us your story

  2. Jim Greenough

    Chris, you have a great way about seeing things in a slightly different way. I know you would create new ideas by writing about your observations of different elements of life in your “not so new” world; whether about people, culture, politics, differences or similarities between Malaysia and Canada, …. This may take you on a different journey than you imagine, but I think it could be a nice “new beginning”.
    Love, Dad

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