Like This

This is a list of stuff I like, and the people you should get to know:

Love, Want, Need

Carlo Convertini


  • FutureLab is the creative agency where I work as a copywriter. If you want your business taken to the next level, give us a call.

Thirdstorm Online Television Network

  • These guys mean business, and their focus  is to provide you with awesome commercial free entertainment. My recommendation: watch “Life in Reverse.” It will inspire you do something with your life (if you haven’t already).

Hot off the Fresh

  • Fresh of their journey to San Juan del Sur, the Life in Reverse boys have started a business lifestyle page. I have no idea what that is… but I am intrigued.

The Ramblings of Kristopher Banner

  • While he is a rambling man, his unique philosophical and entertaining outlook on love and relationships are worth a read.

Mr. Sartorial

  • Looking good is important… if you were born ugly. But all joking aside, Mr. Sartorial should be your go-to guide for style and fashion if you are a man or enjoy dressing like one. 


Cannon G11


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