What is this?

Take Off Eh!

Takeofftodeh is a play on the phrase “Take off eh” coined by Canadian comedians, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, as the Mckenzie brothers in the comedy sketch “The Great White North.

More simply, takeofftodeh is literally that: Take off today. Travel now, go on an adventure, explore. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it doesn’t have to cost money, and it doesn’t have to be far away.

Just Chill

While the concept of living for today rather than tomorrow is not really a new concept, it is a message that still seems to go in one ear, and out the other for many people. Instead of shouting out in frustration to those who chose not to listen, Takeofftodeh, in true Canadian fashion is meant to be a passive voice – a helping hand. Through snappy, succinct text paired with colourful photos I intend to show you just how easy it is to chill out and Take off.

This is not…

This is not a mind blowing travel blog, nor is it about self discovery. I am fully aware that 96% of you do not live in Malaysia with me – or that you are surrounded by some incredibly delicious destinations… (Although you probably are and just don’t think so.)

Lend me your ear

If you lend me an ear for just one moment, you may just feel inspired to Take Offsomewhere you never thought of before. Take off from work to a new cafe down the wrong street, Take off with a friend, Take off from your routine, Take off your inhibitions.


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